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Ching Chee was established in 1990 located in Taiwan.
We are Fabric Material Supplier also Fabric Products Manufacture.

Products Quality Assurance

Our fabric materials include knitted fabrics, woven fabric, printed fabric, etc. We also import dye-sublimation printer to make stable, high quality and one of a kind printed fabric. We produce the best quality and functional fabric that fit your needs. We provide lots of fabric materials for worldwide famous shoe’s brand (e.g., Adidas, Clarks, Nike, Timberland). All of our fabrics are widely applied on shoes, bags, clothes, carpets and so on.

As time progress, we keep improving

We keep improving our materials and the abilities of innovation to fulfil customers’ multiple needs. Concerning the quality of the whole finished products, we even make “FISHSAY” as our Fabric Products Brand. We produce the products with the best delicate technique we have.
We can Customizes the products you need

We take ourself as an expert of fabric. We can customize the fabric and the fabric products to fulfil your needs. Just take look at our website you will know that we are really good at customization. We are looking forward to cooperate with different company and create best fabric and products together.